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The window power plant
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  • Power: 2000W permanent
  • Up to 3000W power for 5 minutes
  • Capacity: 1500Wh 
  • Fast Charge: 0-80% in less than one hour
  • Protection against overvoltage, overcharging, overheating and short circuit
  • 100W solar panel connectable
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2000W power station with 1500Wh capacity

For only 249,99€


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Our power stations and PV modules

Photovoltaics: The future of energy generation

Use the clean solar energy and reduce your electricity bill.

In times of climate change and the energy transition, many people are looking for ways to generate their own electricity and become less dependent on large energy suppliers. Window power plants represent an interesting possibility.

Solar panel 60 W with direct connection possibilities
CLIP'N'CHARGE Powerstation with 80 Ah

Powerstation with 80Ah storage capacity

Use the clean solar energy and reduce your electricity bill.

In order to store the energy generated by window power plants, it is recommended to use a battery storage. One possible option is the Powerstation with 80Ah storage capacity.

This compact and lightweight station can be easily placed in the home and has enough capacity to store power for several days. It also has several ports to connect devices directly or add more batteries.

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Why should you buy a window power plant?

Climate change

Climate change is felt worldwide and manifests itself in various forms of changes and disasters. A window power plant contributes to environmental protection and reduces CO2 emissions.

Save costs

A window power plant offers us not only the possibility to protect our climate and ecosystem, but also to reduce the constantly increasing energy costs.

Easy installation

Our window power plants are easy to install and do not require complicated construction measures. They can be taken anywhere at any time. With the help of the accumulator you can even take the generated energy with you


By using a balcony power plant, you can become less dependent on energy suppliers and use self-produced electricity.


In many places, there are incentive programs for the purchase and installation of balcony power plants that can help reduce the initial cost.


Window power plants take up little space due to their compact size, making them suitable for apartments or houses with limited space.

Photovoltaics - Sustainable and independent

60W module. Expandable to 120W.

CLIP'N'CHARGE power station with photovoltaic panel


Safety through 60W solar power
More comfort when camping and your backup for emergencies

  • Ideal alignment due to integrated feet
  • Fits perfectly for 80Ah power station
  • Can be combined with another 60W module for even more independence


Green energy without CO2
Contribute to environmental protection with photovoltaics

  • Reduces your electricity costs
  • Reduces your CO2 emissions
  • For better climate


Power backup on the go
So you always have your power source with you, no matter where you are

  • USB-A, USB-C and DC plug directly connectable
  • Easy to carry because foldable
  • Small and light

The advantages of our Powerstation

  • Independence: Our portable photovoltaic cell makes it possible to be independent of the power supply. For example, in remote areas, camping or traveling, you can have access to a reliable source of electricity without having to rely on power outlets.
  • Mobility: The portable photovoltaic cell can be easily transported because it is compact, lightweight and foldable. So you can take it anywhere you need electricity.
  • Environmentally friendly: Photovoltaic cells produce electricity from solar energy, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional power sources that use fossil fuels.
  • Cost savings: A portable photovoltaic cell can save money in the long run by reducing the need to draw electricity from the public grid. This is particularly advantageous in remote areas or for outdoor activities where a power supply from the public grid is not possible.
  • Versatility: A portable photovoltaic cell can be used not only to power cell phones and laptops, but also other devices such as cameras, lighting, portable speakers and more.
  • Easy to use: A portable photovoltaic cell is easy to use. It usually has several USB ports to which you can connect devices. Some models also have a digital display that shows the remaining battery life.
  • Robustness: Portable photovoltaic cells are usually robustly built and can operate reliably for several years. They are also often water and dust protected, which makes them suitable for outdoor use.

Powerstation - The pure energy

80Ah/292Wh power

Camping with power station

Direct current DC

Small appliances and lights
Also ideal for camping

  • Integrated dimmable light
  • Charge up to 6 devices simultaneously
  • 20x cell phone charge
Mobile working on the beach. The Powerstation makes it possible.

Alternating current AC

Household appliances & Co
For remote working or as emergency power supply

  • Ideal for Workation
  • 1x 230V AC connection
  • 320W permanent, 600W short-term

The advantages of our Powerstation

Power stations, also known as portable power generators or portable power supplies, offer numerous advantages. Unlike traditional generators, Powerstations are quiet, emission-free and portable. These features make them an attractive option for camping trips, emergencies and outdoor activities. Powerstations are effectively large batteries that store electricity that you have previously fed into the powerstation via the home grid or a suitable photovoltaic module.

Our power station can store up to 80Ah of power, which is enough to run a variety of devices. For example, with this amount of power you can charge several cell phones or tablets, use a small refrigerator or even run a laptop. Even larger electrical appliances such as televisions or air conditioners can be powered by power stations if they have enough power.

Due to its compact size and light weight, you can easily take the CLIP'N'CHARGE Powerstation with you. This is especially convenient for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking or boating.

Operating the CLIP'N'CHARGE is very simple. It has a power socket, three USB ports, two DC 12V ports and one USB-C port. In addition, it has a digital display that shows the charging status.

How many times you can charge a device depends on the battery capacity of each device. The following table shows some recharge cycles:

Smartphone 20x
Tablet 13x
Laptop 11x
Powerbank (10.000 mAh) 8x

The power station is ruggedly built and can operate reliably for several years. has built-in protections that protect it from overheating, overloading or short-circuiting. The lithium ion battery lasts approximately 800 charge cycles, which is equivalent to over 10 years of average use.

In addition to these general benefits, power stations also offer specific advantages for various applications. For example, they can serve as a backup power source during power outages or as a power source for lighting, refrigerators, laptops and other devices during outdoor activities.

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