5 tips on how to keep your apartment cool in the summer!

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In summer, many of us are faced with the question of how to keep their apartment cool. We give you five tips on how to protect your apartment from the summer heat!

The heat is oppressive in your apartment and you have the feeling to melt? Especially during longer periods of heat, some apartments heat up extremely. Fortunately, there are some home remedies and little helpers with which you can independently and without large investments keep the temperature in your apartment under control. Here are some ways to effectively keep your apartment cool! (The 5 alternatives are sorted in ascending order of efficiency):

Air conditioner outside on wall.

Rank 5: Air conditioner

An air conditioner cools the air similar to a refrigerator - however, the energy (=heat) necessary for cooling is not released back into the room, but it is transported outside by means of a hose. Unfortunately, this requires an opening in the wall... Decent air conditioners are available from about 350€.


Rank 4: Ventilate at night

In contrast to the window tilted during the day, it is very useful to ventilate at night! Best you do not only tilt your windows, but open it over the whole wing! The best time to do this is easiest to recognize with a thermometer: As soon as the outside temperature is lower than the inside temperature: Open the window!

Towel in front of the window against heat in the apartment.

Rank 3: The towel trick

No not to wipe away your beads of sweat. The towel is hung from the outside in front of your window! This prevents the sun from heating up your apartment and the heat stays outside. Simply clamp the towel in the tilted window. Depending on the towel, your room is also darkened at the same time! Good for sleeping - for "living" you have to turn on a light. Caution: If the towel is too thick, the window will not close properly and the warm air will come in from outside. In the worst case, even the window seal can be affected.

Lie relaxed in a hammock to sweat less.

Rank 2: Relaxation

Not only the mercury column of your thermometer must come down, but also you yourself. If you actively try to relax, your body has less stress and can therefore cope with the heat more easily. Positive side effect: Less stress ensures a lower function of your sweat glands 😉 Try yoga, breathing exercises or a relaxed sports session!

Rank 1: Exterior sunshade

The most efficient method to keep to keep the heat in the apartment under control is not to let it in in the first place! The weak point of any facade is the window! This is where the most heat gets in! Let your external blind and protect yourself effectively from heat! If you do not have one yet, there are cheap suppliers who also offer solutions for rental apartments such as CLIP'N'SHADE. A external blind like this one, has the advantage that you don't need artificial light during the day and you can see through the fabric! The mounting is done without drillingScrews and Co. and can therefore be done in any rental apartment without problems.

More Tips and tricks against the summer heat in your apartment can also be found in our article: 5 mistakes that bring your apartment to a boil!

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