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Your outdoor blind against heat

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Effective heat protection that keeps the heat out

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Super fast & easy
configured online

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Easy mounting without drilling

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Ideal for tenants, as
is degradable without residue

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Delivery from Germany
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Select frame colour

Robust and powder-coated aluminium frame for high resistance in contrast to plastic.

Select fabric type

Air-permeable, abrasion-resistant and water-repellent heat protection fabric.

Our smart outdoor blind without drilling

The smart outdoor roller blind against heat

Save yourself the constant "open window - close window". Now there is a retrofittable smart motor component for your CLIP'N'SHADE outdoor roller blind. This means that you can not only conveniently control your outdoor roller blind at the touch of a button at home, but also on the move using an app!

Find out more about the smart outdoor roller blind or the smart outdoor blind against heat here!

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Indoor or outdoor roller blind?

Indoor or outdoor roller blind - which is better?


A large part of the heat input in flats comes through the windows. An external roller blind or external blind keeps the sun's (heat) energy out before it enters the flat. Interior roller blind s or interior venetian blinds have the problem that the sun's rays have already come through the window and are blocked there by the roller blind absorbed by the roller blind or venetian blind.


The result: dark interior blinds or venetian blinds in particular heat up extremely and act more like a heater instead of cooling the room. Even light-coloured fabrics only reflect a small fraction of the energy radiation out of the window. The rest is absorbed by the surroundings and thus warms the flat.

The CLIP'N'SHADE externalblind , on the other hand, reflects the sun's rays even in front of your glass pane and keeps your home cool in summer! For this reason, we recommend installing a external blind or the CLIP'N'SHADE external roller blind for ideal sun protection on the outside of your window, whereby the installation naturally works completely without drilling .

You can read more about this in our magazine article "Comparison: Indoor roller blind vs. outdoor roller blind".

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is an external roller blind more effective than an internal sunshade?

Interior roller blinds serve primarily as privacy screens and to darken the living space. However, since the sun's rays are only blocked behind the window pane, interior roller blinds are hardly suitable as heat protection.

An interior roller blind with dark fabric even acts like an additional heater, as the fabric heats up strongly in the sun. External roller blinds already reflect a large part of the sun's radiation before it can even enter the flat.


Is the transparent fabric as effective against heat as the opaque one?

Both the transparent and the opaque fabric protected very effectively against heat .

The transparent fabric has the added advantage that you don't need artificial light inside when the external blind is closed. This not only saves electricity costs, but also creates a beautiful atmosphere in the room.

How effectively does the CLIP'N'SHADE protect against heat?

The CLIP'N'SHADE has been specially developed against heat and stops between 90% - 95% of the heat radiation before it can enter the home.


Why is CLIP'N'SHADE more effective and sustainable than all substitutes?
  • Electric-powered devices such as air conditioners, fans or air purifiers with cooling function consume a lot of energy to achieve a cooling effect. In the case of air conditioners, this also produces warm exhaust air, which only shifts the heat problem to another location. Fans, air conditioners, etc. are expensive to run, pollute our environment with their high power consumption and are often the cause of health complaints (colds, conjunctivitis, headaches).
  • Indoor roller blinds darken your flat, but have no cooling effect.
  • Sun protection films are difficult to apply to the window and permanently darken your home - even in the cold autumn and winter months.


How is the exterior blind attached?

The individual components of CLIP'N'SHADE can be plugged together without the need for your own tools. The sun blind is then placed in the window frame and fixed with our tested and proven clamping mechanism. You can find more details in our installation video and in our installation instructions.



Does the CLIP'N'SHADE influence the thermal insulation or tightness of my window?

The outer seal will occasionally be slightly dented, but this will not affect the tightness of your window in any way.


Do I have to hire a craftsman to install the external blind?

Assembling the individual components and installing them in the window frame is child's play and done in no time at all. As a rule, our customers do not need a craftsman, even if they have limited manual skills. However, if you get stuck, we will be happy to help you with tips.


Exterior roller blind for retrofitting

Simple mounting - without drilling

Scope of delivery

Your already pre-assembled CLIP'N'SHADE external venetian blinds is delivered to you in compact, resource-saving and plastic-free packaging. It consists of a few individual parts that are easy to assemble are. An assembly aid, an adjustment aid, as well as a suitable tool are included in the delivery to guarantee a quick and smooth installation. Our external venetian blind can be easily retrofitted and without drilling on the outside of the without drilling, to provide ideal sun protection sun protection.


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Without drilling

The exterior roller blind is mounted on the outside of the window without damage by means of a clamping system.

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Delivered in a flash

You will receive your order from Germany within 1-3 working days!

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Plastic-free packaging

Our packaging does not use any plastics at all and thus protects the environment.

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Already preassembled

The cassette including the external blind
is already pre-assembled and is delivered ready for use.

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No own tools necessary

All necessary tools and aids for installation in your window are included in the scope of delivery.

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Certified product

Our outdoor roller blind is tested and certified according to DIN13561 for heat, cold and wind.

Already the third roller blind (now for the kitchen window). The sun and heat stay outside ? Really great quality without drilling or anything else. The assembly is very easy and done in less than 10 minutes.
Very friendly fast competent service. Fast delivery. Good quality. Top
Thorsten Manthey
Thorsten Manthey
After measuring my windows, I had doubts about whether the roller blinds would fit in the "standard size". I sent an email with the measurements to clip'n'shade and received a prompt reply. At the weekend! Great. After all doubts were cleared, I ordered the blinds. The blinds arrived the next day. Great again! The goods were very well packed, were complete and had no transport damage. The installation was well described and went quite quickly. The roller blinds fit of course and make a very good quality impression. I can recommend it!
David Lauer
David Lauer
Really a great product, we have been looking for something similar to a roller shutter for a long time because we were not satisfied with conventional blinds. With the first delivery, we were not 100% satisfied with the darkening, so we contacted the manufacturer, who was very friendly and we received a new cassette without any problems. Now it fully meets our expectations and we would buy it again at any time!
Stephan B.
Stephan B.
Nice contact, on delivery, which arrived 2 days after ordering, one part was defective (transport damage by DPD). Mr Kißner sent us a replacement immediately and without complications. The roller blinds make a good and high-quality impression. Installation is really quick, the removal of the numbering stickers takes longer than the entire installation of the blinds. The back of our house is completely south-facing. Since the first rays of sunlight were already there, I deliberately stood at the window, sometimes with the blinds up, then down, and you really noticed the difference. Let's see how it turns out in the summer. I would recommend Clip'n'Shade to others.
Leo D. Naujoks
Leo D. Naujoks
thomas grille
thomas grille
Monika Märker
Monika Märker
Clip'n'Shades is a tip-top product, it is delivered quickly, is of high quality and is also super easy to assemble thanks to great assembly instructions. They also offer great support, which is very patient in answering all questions. Unfortunately, I overlooked something on my window frame, so I couldn't mount the roller properly. That's why I had to return it with a heavy heart, but that went without a hitch. Clip'n'Shades even paid the return shipping costs. For me, such a service and product deserves ??????. Plus.
Tobias Krayer
Tobias Krayer
Super system! Quick and extremely easy to assemble and install. High-quality frame made of aluminium, great stable design. Finally we found a system without having to drill anything to darken our rooms and have a privacy screen. Shipping was also super fast. The product definitely exceeded my expectations.
Sascha Kirmeß
Sascha Kirmeß
I am very enthusiastic. Very simple and quick installation - also thanks to excellent instructions - the roller blind literally melts into the window frame and is super easy to operate. The delivery was also very fast. I had previously relied on sun protection film, but would advise anyone to invest in this solution instead. Next summer can come.