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Roller blinds are a topic that is not dealt with on a daily basis. The many terms often pose more of a mystery than they do a clear communication. That is why we have created a small roller blind lexicon here.



(Interior) blind Internal product with aluminum louvers.
Advantage: Good privacy and glare protection.
Disadvantage: No heat protection effect because internal. Time-consuming cleaning.
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Exterior blind External product with aluminum lamellae curtain.
Advantage: Best heat protection with simultaneous use of daylight. With reversible slats, it is also possible to achieve privacy, glare protection and darkening, depending on the situation.
Disadvantage: High price. Time-consuming cleaning.
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(Interior) roller blind Internal product with fabric curtain. The term "roller blind" always refers to a fabric curtain that is rolled up on a shaft and operated by means of a ball chain, electric motor or simply by hand.
Advantage: Good privacy and anti-glare effect.
Disadvantage: No heat protection effect because it is internal.
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Exterior blind External roller blind - by definition, an external sunshade with fabric hangings. Caution: In colloquial language, "roller blind" is often used as an abbreviation for roller shutter.
Advantage: Ideal heat protection. Depending on the fabric properties, best heat protection with simultaneous use of daylight or darkening incl. privacy protection is possible.
Disadvantage: None
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Roller shutter External product with aluminum or plastic slats.
Advantage: Good thermal insulation properties. Complete blackout possible.
Disadvantage: Not transparent - heat protection and use of daylight are in conflict.
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Pleated blind Internal product. The fabric is not wound, but is folded and pushed together like an accordion. Special feature honeycomb pleated: Here the fabric is honeycombed.
Advantage: Very modern look. Good privacy and anti-glare effect.
Disadvantage: Since inside no heat protection effect.
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(Terrace) awning Exterior product. Mainly used on terraces or balconies. As a rule, a cassette is attached to the wall of the house. In this a fabric curtain is rolled up on a shaft. This fabric curtain can be extended horizontally by means of articulated arms.
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Clamp marker Similar terrace awning. However, the attachment is not made by means of drill and dowel to the wall of the house, but the awning is fixed by two standpipes, which are clamped at the top and bottom between the floor and e.g. roof overhang.
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Window awning/
Facade awning/
Vertical awning/
See outdoor roller blind.
A special feature of the Markisolette is that the fabric curtain does not extend downwards in the classic way, but is attached to so-called drop arms that swing out to the front. However, a cross strut only allows this "extension" from a certain depth.
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Special feature drop-arm awning: Similar to Markisolette, but the crossbar is omitted.
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