Radiator fan

Radiator fan

The innovation for every heating system!

The advantages of the radiator fan

More efficiency

The increased air flow makes your hoist body up to 20% more efficient.

More living comfort

Faster and more even distribution of heated air.

Cost savings

20% lower energy costs by reducing the flow temperature.

Mold prevention

Better circulation and even heat distribution reduce the risk of mold growth.

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More comfort

Radiator fans conduct the heat from the radiator into the room more quickly. This ensures a pleasant, even temperature throughout the room. This also helps to prevent mold.

Simple installation - radiator fan

Easy installation

  • Fits all radiators
  • Quick installation
  • Automatic switch-on at 33°C warm radiator
  • Automatic switch-off when the temperature falls below 25°C
  • Quiet fan

Features of the fan heater

40% more air movement

A fan heater moves an additional 30 m³ of air through a radiator every hour.

100% faster heating

All other things being equal, the fan heater heats a room twice as fast! The room is also warmed much more evenly.


20% heating cost savings

With fan heaters, you can significantly reduce the flow temperature of the heating system. This means that the heating works much more economically.

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Save over €300 on heating costs

Amortization calculation

With heating costs of approx. 1,600€ (single-family house) per year, the 20% savings potential results in an annual saving of 320€!


How quickly the investment pays for itself

For an average apartment with 60 m² and annual heating costs of €500, the investment will have paid for itself after just 3 years!

30,000 liters of air per hour

Due to the greatly increased circulation, the heat transfer from the radiator to the room air is significantly more efficient and faster. The air flow also ensures a more even distribution of heat.

Universal application

Whether feet or magnetic holder: Our radiator fans fit all radiators and convectors. The magnetic sliders allow flexible adjustment, and the integrated feet enable easy placement on convectors. No screws or drilling required!

Intelligent automatic system

The radiator fans activate automatically as soon as the radiator reaches a temperature of 33 °C. If the temperature falls below 25 °C, they switch off automatically.

Quiet radiator fan

Our radiator fans are extremely quiet, with a noise level of less than 20 dB - quieter than rustling leaves.

Low costs

Der mitgelieferte Adapter ist verlustfrei. Unsere Heizkörperlüfter sind energieeffizient: Sie verbrauchen deutlich weniger als eine Kilowattstunde (<1 kWh) pro Jahr an Strom. Das entspricht ungefähr 0,27€.

How to save energy:

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Step 1: Turn back the thermostat

The radiator works much more efficiently. This means that the room air heats up much faster. The thermostat can therefore be turned down. 

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Step 2: Lower the flow temperature

Radiator fans make it possible to use a lower heating water temperature, such as 50-60 °C. This reduces electricity, oil or gas consumption and is usually easy to set via the boiler display. However, take into account the insulation and the quality of the heating system in your home. Start at 60 °C and adjust if possible.


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