ClipnShade external roller blind against heat without drilling


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Sun protection - CLIP'N'SHADE Home - We offer simple products for more sustainability

Cooling external roller blinds


Easy installation without drilling in just 10 minutes. Keeps 95% of the heat out!

Exterior blind

Exterior blind

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Insect screen 150x150 1 - CLIP'N'SHADE Home - We offer simple products for more sustainability

Fly screen


Optimum protection against flies and insects. Simple clamp mounting without drilling!

Balcony power station 800W

Fixed frame

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PV - CLIP'N'SHADE Home - We offer simple products for more sustainability

Balcony power plants


Generate your own electricity with a plug-in balcony power station!

Balcony power station 800W

Balcony power station 800W

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Heated towel rails - CLIP'N'SHADE Home - We offer simple products for more sustainability

Fan heater


Increases living comfort and reduces heating costs by up to 20%!

Radiator fan duo set

Duo set

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Perfect external sun protection: external roller blind reduces heat radiation by 90

External roller blind against heat without drilling

Perfect for tenants and do-it-yourselfers.

No tools, no drilling, no damage.

The CLIP'N'SHADE external roller blind is a clip-on roller blind that effectively protects the home from heat. It is simply clipped into the window using five clips - installation takes just a few minutes and can be carried out by anyone. No scaffolding is required for installation, as this can be done from the inside. The special thing about installing our roller blinds is that there is no need to drill or screw into the window or facade. Because it is attached to the outside of the window, the special heat protection fabric reflects the sun's heat rays. Our external roller blinds against heat are available in many standard widths (these also fit 95% of all made-to-measure windows!), for windows and balcony doors and, of course, manufactured to millimetre precision.

Insect screen roller blind and fixed frame - fly screen mosquito protection

Clamp-on insect screen

As roller blind or fixed frame

Our fly screens offer optimum protection against insects without you having to drill holes. With easy clip-on installation, a perfect fit and quick, tool-free installation in just 10 minutes, it is the ideal solution for any window. Manufactured in the EU, it promises durability and UV resistance.

The insect screen roller blind is available from 110€ and the insect screen fixed frame from 49€.

Our fixed frame insect screen can only be combined with our external roller blind against heat.

Balkonkraftwerk - CLIP'N'SHADE Home - We offer simple products for more sustainability

Balcony power plant sets

Simply generate your own electricity!

With our innovative balcony power plants, you can transform unused space into a green energy source. Reduce your energy costs and make a contribution to environmental protection. We also offer suitable installation solutions for almost all situations. Easy to install, efficient to operate and perfect for urban apartments, our systems make sustainable energy accessible to everyone.

ClipnHeat - CLIP'N'SHADE Home - We offer simple products for more sustainability

Radiator fan

For more comfort and lower heating costs

Save up to 20% on your heating costs with ease and enjoy warm rooms faster. Our radiator fans use innovative technology to make the air circulation in your heating system more efficient - whether oil, gas or heat pump. With the simplest installation, you not only bring warmth into your home, but also a piece of the future. Experience the difference, feel comfortable faster and do something good for your wallet and the environment at the same time. With Clip&Heat - warm, efficient, sustainable.

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