Fabric sample

Fabric sample




To make your decision a little easier, we have prepared case and fabric samples. You can order them free of charge and without shipping costs.
We recommend matching the housing colour of the external blind to the window and façade as much as possible. For example, if you have white windows, a white external blind will blend in well with the façade.
When it comes to the choice of fabric, we recommend transparent fabric. This keeps the heat out just as effectively, but still lets daylight into the room. This saves you artificial light and the associated electricity costs.
You can find out more details in the following:

For the colour of the aluminium components, you can choose between traffic white (similar to RAL 9016) and anthracite grey (similar to RAL 7016).

To select the fabric variant, stick both fabric samples to your window pane with an adhesive strip. To test the actual transparency and privacy protection, you should examine the fabrics in daylight and in the dark. Both fabrics have the same heat protection effect and block approx. 90% of the sun's rays from your window.

Transparent fabric:

  • Effective heat protection
  • View to the outside
  • Use of daylight
  • Air circulation

Ideal for living rooms - living room, kitchen or office!

Opaque fabric:

  • Effective heat protection
  • Darkening
  • Privacy screen
  • Glare protection

Ideal for more privacy - bedrooms or bathroom!