Balcony power plant

Your balcony.

Your power plant.

Your future.

Balcony power plant


Your balcony.
Your power plant.
Your future.

Free electricity from the sun is easy on the wallet.

Independent free energy

Protect the environment with balcony power plant.

Your contribution to climate protection

The balcony power plant is simply plugged into the domestic socket - ready.

Easy assembly without electrician

Economy of a balcony power plant

  • Savings of 150€ per year
  • Amortization in 3 years
  • More than 30 % return
  • Low acquisition costs
  • CO2 saving of 380 kg
  • 12 years warranty
A balcony power plant with 600W usually pays for itself within 3 years! This corresponds to a return of over 30%!

The principle of operation of a balcony power plant

Functional principle balcony power station mobile - ClipnCharge balcony power station
Functional principle with click 2 - ClipnCharge balcony power station

Our most popular balcony power plants

800W set without memory

569,00 Only 469 €

Balcony power station 800 W - ClipnCharge balcony power station

800W set with 1 kWh storage

1.853,00 Only € 1,360

Photo of the balcony power plant set with 850 Wp, HMS-800W-2T micro inverter and 1 kWh storage, showing the individual items in the set
TÜV certified photovoltaic modules
12 years warranty on inverter
Secure Payments - ClipnCharge Balcony Power Station
25 years warranty on PV module performance


is a top priority for us.


We stand behind the quality of our products. With us you get a reliable warranty, secure payment methods and certified products.


We only sell what we ourselves are convinced of and pay attention to high product quality, as well as secure web technologies, in order to provide you with a carefree and safe shopping experience.

Easy return for balcony power plants.

Reduction of the CO2 footprint

Zero-emission solar energy significantly reduces the CO2 footprint and thus helps to combat global warming.


Promotion of decentralized power supply

Many small distributed power sources stabilize the power grid and reduce the need for large and costly transmission grids.

Independence from the energy market

With a balcony power plant, you cover part of your electricity needs yourself and thus make yourself less dependent on price fluctuations of the major energy suppliers.

Reduction of electricity costs

Balcony power plants pay for themselves quickly and reduce electricity costs in the short term by about 230 € (at 600W).

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CO2 savings through balcony power plants.


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Your balcony power plant from Würzburg


Our balcony power plants are stored in the Zellerau in Würzburg. Here you can also pick up your balcony power plant free of charge. The address is

ClipnShade GmbH
Sedanstraße 21B
97082 Würzburg

For collection we recommend a trailer or car with a loading width of at least 114 cm x 180 cm. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a balcony power plant?

A balcony power plant, also called a plug-in solar device or mini photovoltaic system, uses a photovoltaic module to convert solar energy into electricity.

It is used to efficiently convert solar energy into usable electricity. The size is limited to a maximum of two modules, and the feed-in to the power grid must not exceed 600 watts (800 watts as of 01.01.2024).

These systems are usually connected directly to the house or apartment circuit by plugging them into an electrical outlet. This allows users to use solar energy generated on site to meet their energy needs.

What are the components of a balcony power plant?

1. solar modules: Convert sunlight into electrical energy.

2. microinverters: convert generated direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) for feeding into the grid.

3. mounting material/mounting system: secure solar modules to the balcony or selected area.

4. cables to the socket: direct the generated power to the socket or to the mains.

These components generate and direct solar energy from the balcony power plant to the grid or for personal use.

Balcony power plant or photovoltaic system

Which is the better choice for me?

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