ClipnShade external roller blind against heat without drilling

Now summer can come!

With the CLIP'N'SHADE clip-on external roller blind, your home remains pleasantly cool. 

Heat protection

Effective heat protection that keeps the heat out

Without tools

No need for your own tools

Mounting without drilling

Simple installation without drilling

Short delivery time

Super quick & easy
configured online


Ideal for tenants, as
is degradable without leaving any residue

Delivery within three days

Delivery from Germany
in 1-3 working days

We have the right external roller blind for your window:


Select frame colour

Robust and powder-coated aluminium frame for high resistance in contrast to plastic.

Select fabric type

Air-permeable, abrasion-resistant and water-repellent heat protection fabric.

Perfect external sun protection: external roller blind reduces heat radiation by 90

Super heat protection for your home!

As the CLIP'N'SHADE is fitted on the outside, it keeps out approx. 90 - 95 % of the heat radiation before it can even penetrate the home.

Clamping instead of drilling!

The exterior roller blind is mounted on the outside of the window without damage by means of a clamping system.

Perfect external sun protection: external roller blind reduces heat radiation by 90

Assembly video

  • Mounted in just 10 minutes
  • No need for your own tools
  • No drilling/screwing
  • Can be mounted from the inside


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the transparent fabric as effective against heat as the opaque one?

Yes, both fabrics have the same heat protection effect! Both the transparent and the opaque fabric keep over 90% of the sun's energy away from the window.

The transparent fabric has the additional advantage that no artificial light is required inside when the external roller blind is closed. This not only saves electricity costs, but also creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room.

Do I have to hire a craftsman to install the external blind?

No, you can easily install our roller blind yourself!

Assembling the individual components and installing them in the window frame is child's play and done in no time at all. As a rule, our customers do not need a craftsman, even if they have limited manual skills. However, if you get stuck, we will be happy to help you with tips.


Why is an external roller blind more effective than an internal sunshade?

Internal roller blinds are primarily used as privacy protection and to darken the living space. However, as the sun's rays are only blocked behind the window pane, internal roller blinds are hardly suitable as heat protection

An internal roller blind with dark fabric even acts as an additional heater, as the fabric heats up considerably in the sun. External roller blinds reflect a large proportion of the sun's rays before they can even penetrate the home.

How is the exterior blind attached?

The individual components of CLIP'N'SHADE can be put together without any tools. The sun blind is then placed in the window frame and fixed in place with our tested and proven clamping mechanism. You can find more details on this in our installation video and in our installation instructions.

External roller blind CLIP`N`SHADE

Scope of delivery

Your pre-assembled CLIP'N'SHADE external venetian blind is delivered to you in compact, resource-saving and plastic-free packaging. This contains four easy-to-assemble components, as well as:
1. Assembly aid
2. Adjustment aid
3. Suitable tools

Our external blinds can be easily retrofitted to the outside of the window without drilling to provide ideal sun protection.

Perfect external sun protection: external roller blind reduces heat radiation by 90

External sun protection

As the CLIP'N'SHADE is fitted on the outside, it keeps out approx. 90 - 95 % of the heat radiation before it can even penetrate the home.

Clip'n'Shade adapts to the window

Adapts to the window

Thanks to the adjustable clips and the telescopic guide rails, the CLIP'N'SHADE fits most windows between 60 and 220 cm high and almost all widths.

Customer installs her external roller blind on the window without drilling

Easy mounting without drilling

Thanks to our intelligent, pre-assembled clip system, installation is completed in around 15 minutes. The required tools are included in the package.
Exterior roller blind for retrofitting

Exterior roller blind for retrofitting

Old buildings often lack an external roller blind. CLIP'N'SHADE is ideal for retrofitting, as it is installed from the inside and no preliminary structural work is required.

CLIP`N`SHADE external roller blind

Grid sizes instead of customised production

Which louvre width suits my window?

Our CLIP'N'SHADE outdoor roller blinds are available in widths of 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130 and 140 cm. Due to the grid widths of the clampable roller blinds, we can offer an attractive price and ensure fast delivery.

Our configurator helps you to find the right screen width: In step 5, you will find out the right louvre width. The height of the roller blinds can be infinitely adjusted using telescopic guide rails. Due to the louvre widths, your external roller blind may not sit completely on the outside of the masonry opening and may protrude into the visible area when the window is open. However, when you close the window sash, the guide rail is usually concealed by your window sash profile. This ensures 100% heat protection and a good appearance. Nothing stands in the way of ideal sun protection!

High-efficiency external roller blind: Reduces the temperature from 31 °C to 23 °C

High efficiency

To investigate the efficiency of the CLIP'N'SHADE external blind, we carried out simulations under various conditions. The result: without heat protection, a one-room apartment heats up to + 31 °C. With the CLIP'N'SHADE external blind, temperatures remain at a pleasant 23 °C. In practice, we have already convinced some test customers of the effectiveness of our external blinds before the market launch - for more information, take a look at our reviews.


  • 90 - 95% heat radiation is kept out
  • Temperature reduction by 8°C*
Durable and resistant

Durable and resistant

The CLIP'N'SHADE is made of high-quality aluminum profiles. These are extremely robust, durable and therefore sustainable. Both the gray and the white model have a powder coating, which is highly resistant. This is UV-resistant, as are the plastic parts used.

  • Aluminium instead of plastic
  • Powder coating instead of painting

Your perfect sun protection

With our ProMesh fabrics you have the choice of

ProMesh Plus

ProMesh Plus

Ideal for the bathroom and bedroom

  • Effective heat protection > 90
  • Darkening by approx. 90%
  • Privacy screen
  • Glare protection

ProMesh Air

ProMesh Air

Ideal for living room, office or kitchen

  • Effective heat protection > 90
  • Darkening by approx. 50%
  • View to the outside
  • Use of daylight
  • Air circulation

You can choose between a transparent fabric and a completely opaque fabric. If you are unsure about the right material, you can order a color and fabric sample free of charge and without obligation.

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