CLIP'N'SHADE - Exterior blinds

CLIP'N'SHADE - Exterior blinds

CLIP'N'SHADE with hand control. Please select the required dimensions and desired features.

Do you need help measuring the correct width and height? Simply use our configurator!

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CLIP'N'SHADE outdoor roller blinds 

Product description

The CLIP'N'SHADE outdoor roller blind is a clampable roller blind that effectively protects the home from heat. It is simply clamped into the window with the help of five clips. Because it is attached to the outside of the window, the special heat protection fabric reflects the heat rays of the sun. The heat input is thus reduced by over 90%.

For more information on colours, fabrics and other features of our outdoor roller blinds, please go to Product.

How do I the suitable outdoor blind?

Product width

    1. Measure as shown in the picture (you are welcome to send us a picture of your window (from the outside) and we will draw in where you need to measure).
    2. Add the width measurements together. This gives you the total reveal width - this is crucial for choosing the right product width.
    3. Now round off the width to the next possible size - Done!

Product height

    1. Measure the clear height of your (open) window as shown in the picture.
    2. Select the appropriate area from the drop-down menu.
    3. If your window is higher than 142cm, you are welcome to send us an email to Depending on the situation, our product can also be used up to a height of 160cm.

Fits the external roller blind also to my window?

Our external blinds fit 90% of all windows - but there are a few exceptions that you should check before ordering:

    1. It must be possible to open your window. If it is a fixed glazing, our external roller blind cannot be installed.
    2. Windows with skylights or sidelights. Skylights are additional window units above or below your main window. It is often possible to fit our external blinds anyway. However, please contact us before placing your order.
    3. Cane overturnThe overlap is the outermost elevation of your window frame. For PVC windows usually approx. 15-25mm. Important: If a rubber seal is present, please measure it as well. Is your overlap greater than 25mm please contact us via the contact form. You can find a picture of how to measure the stick overlap here:
    4. Wooden window with rain railA rain channel is a thin metal profile on your window frame. It replaces the stick flashing and is intended to prevent water from entering the window. Often a CLIP'N'SHADE can be installed anyway - please contact us in any case via the contact form. You can find a picture of a rain rail here:
    5. Wooden window with weatherboardA weather strip is a protruding profile on the window sash that is intended to prevent water from entering the window. Actually a great thing, but it hinders the installation of our roller blind. If the weather strip extends beyond the profile of the window frame, our CLIP'N'SHADE external roller blind unfortunately cannot be installed. You can find a picture of a weather strip here:

Additional information

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60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm, 140cm


60-90cm, 90-142cm, 142-162cm


Grey, White


Opaque, Transparent


Manuell – ohne Motor, Motor mit Fernbedienung (+109€), Motor mit Fernbedienung und Smart Home (+129€)

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