5 mistakes that will make your apartment boil!

Things you should avoid in the heat!

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The stressful workday is finally over and you long for a relaxing end to the day. You get on the streetcar or in the car and make your way home. The sun is shining, it's 30°C and the train or the car has heated up to double the temperature! You arrive sweating and enter your home. Your idea of a relaxed evening is suddenly destroyed by the unbearable heat in your apartment! The sun has been shining through your window all day and it's even hotter inside than outside! Even while you are lying on the sofa, you notice how beads of sweat are spreading on your forehead...


After all, you are not alone with this problem! Because it's like this for about every third person in Germany!

Uncomfortably high temperatures in your home, however, not only keep you from relaxing after work, but can also cause serious symptoms! Poor sleep quality, dehydration and heat-induced stress can significantly affect your cardiovascular system. This causes fatigue and concentration problems, but also chronic sleep problems.


However, the fact that we often contribute to the heat in our home ourselves with our actions is shown by the following 5 most common mistakes that lead to high temperatures in our own four walls:



Mistake #1: Airing during the day

Many make the mistake and leave the window tilted even on hot summer days. Unfortunately, this only leads to the fact that the outside air, which is quickly heated by the sun, gets directly into the apartment and the indoor temperature rises quickly.

Interior blind acts as an additional heater in the summer.

Mistake No. 2: Interior roller blinds

Often, suppliers advertise cheap interior blinds, whose dark fabric is supposed to block out the sun. Interior roller blinds may protect you from being blinded, but in the sun they act like an additional heater! A dark interior fabric roller blind heats up to 60°C in the sun! Even light-colored fabrics do not keep the heat out!

Open refrigerator

Mistake No. 3: The fan

The fan is often unpacked at the first rays of sunshine. Of course, the airflow on the skin feels cool at first, but the fan does not actually cool at all. On the contrary: The electric motor generates additional heat! Caution is also advised if you expose yourself to the draft for a longer period of time. This quickly leads to tension and headaches!

Lie relaxed in a hammock to sweat less.

Mistake No. 4: The refrigerator trick

The fridge keeps your drinks and food cool, so it must also cool the apartment, right? Unfortunately, you thought wrong! Sure, it is cold in the refrigerator, but a lot of energy is used for cooling, which in turn generates heat. This gives the refrigerator on the back again and in a much larger measure than he "cold generated"!

Cool drinks better not in the summer!

Mistake #5: Cool Drings

If it's already hot, then at least in the evening a cool beer or a gin and tonic on ice? It certainly tastes good and is refreshing. However, the effect goes exactly in the wrong direction and that twice! The alcohol causes your blood vessels to expand, making you feel even warmer than you already are! And the cold liquid must first be heated by your body, which means effort for the circulation. As tasty as your cool drink may be - it won't really cool you down.

Learn in our article 5 tips on how to keep your home cool in the summer.some helpful tricks for hot summer days that actually work.

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