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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our external roller blinds against heat

Why is an exterior blind more effective than an interior sunscreen?

Interior roller blinds serve primarily as privacy screens and to darken the living space. However, since the sun's rays are only blocked behind the window pane, interior roller blinds are hardly suitable as heat protection. An interior roller blind with dark fabric even acts like an additional heater, as the fabric heats up strongly in the sun. External roller blinds already reflect a large part of the sun's radiation before it can even enter the flat.


How effectively does the CLIP'N'SHADE protect against heat?

The CLIP'N'SHADE is specially designed against heat and stops between 90% - 95% of heat radiation before it can enter the home.


Why is CLIP'N'SHADE more effective and sustainable than all substitutes?
  • Electric-powered devices such as air conditioners, fans or air purifiers with cooling function consume a lot of energy to achieve a cooling effect. In the case of air conditioners, this also produces warm exhaust air, which only shifts the heat problem to another location. Fans, air conditioners, etc. are expensive to run, pollute our environment with their high power consumption and are often the cause of health complaints (colds, conjunctivitis, headaches).
  • Interior roller blinds darken your apartment, but have no cooling effect
  • Sun protection films are difficult to apply to the window and permanently darken your home - even in the cold autumn and winter months.
Is the CLIP'N'SHADE suitable for tenants?

The CLIP'N'SHADE is specially designed for tenants who do not have an external sunshade (e.g. external blind) and are looking for a simple, cost-effective and damage-free retrofit solution to prevent heat in their own homes.


Do I have to ask my landlord for permission before installing the CLIP'N'SHADE?

Since the installation of CLIP'N'SHADE does not involve any structural changes to the window or facade, there is no damage whatsoever and it can be removed at any time, you can install our heat protection roller blind even without the permission of your landlord.

How to fix the outdoor blind?

The individual components of CLIP'N'SHADE can be plugged together without using your own tools. Then the sun blind is placed in the window frame and fixed with our tested and proven clamping mechanism. You can find more details about this in our assembly video and in our assembly instructions.


Does the installation of the CLIP'N'SHADE cause damage to the window or the façade?

The CLIP'N'SHADE is attached to the outside of the window by means of a clip mechanism and does not require drilling into the facade. The windows are also protected from scratching by a special rubber layer. Thus, you do not have to worry about damaging windows or facade


Does the CLIP'N'SHADE influence the thermal insulation or tightness of my window?

The outer seal will occasionally be slightly dented, but this will not affect the tightness of your window in any way.

Do I need to hire a handyman to install the outdoor blind?

Assembling the individual components and installing them in the window frame is child's play and done in no time at all. As a rule, our customers do not need a craftsman, even if they have limited manual skills. However, if you get stuck, we will be happy to help you with tips.

Can the outdoor blind be installed by one person?

Installation by one person is possible in principle, but it is recommended that at least two people install the system, especially for large windows.

Is the external roller blind safe even if installed by yourself?

As soon as the external blind is fixed in the window frame and all the instructions in the installation manual have been followed, it is securely installed.

Up to what wind speeds can the outdoor roller blind be used?

The CLIP'N'SHADE has been tested in various load tests against the influence of wind, heat and cold (link technical video). Nevertheless, the outdoor roller blind should be retracted for safety reasons when the wind comes up or during a longer absence.

Does the outdoor blind need to be cleaned regularly?

There is no fixed cleaning cycle that must be followed. If the profiles or the fabric are dirty, a damp cloth is sufficient to wipe away the dirt. If the fabric is wet after cleaning or due to rain, it should dry in the extended state if possible so that no moisture collects in the cassette.

Is the CLIP'N'SHADE available in different colours and fabrics?

Our heat protection roller blind is available in the housing colours grey and white. You can choose between opaque and transparent fabrics.

What materials is the CLIP'N'SHADE made of?

The CLIP'N'SHADE consists mainly of extruded aluminium profiles. These are extremely robust, durable and therefore sustainable. Furthermore, we use UV-resistant plastic parts and only high-quality and certified fabrics. Our sun protection roller blind is also developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.

Can the CLIP'N'SHADE be used in all seasons?

The outdoor roller blind can be used in all seasons, only in frosty weather the product should not be operated. Different outdoor temperatures can result in different retraction speeds. Example: At low outdoor temperatures, the roller blind will retract more slowly than at high outdoor temperatures.

Does the CLIP'N'SHADE also keep insects away from the interior?

The fabric keeps insects out, but insects can get in through the light gap on the left and right - we would say the CLIP'N'SHADE is insect repellent ?

Is the CLIP'N'SHADE available/suitable for all window types?

The CLIP'N'SHADE is available for the following dimensions

  • Minimum (width x height): 60 cm x 60 cm
  • Maximum (width x height): 140 cm x 140 cm

Our sun protection roller blind is suitable for standard tilt/turn windows in all materials. Exceptions are special windows with non-rectangular shapes, fixed glazing or windows with disturbing profiles. If you are unsure, you are always welcome to contact us by e-mail with pictures of your window.

Is the CLIP'N'SHADE also available for roof windows and balcony doors?

Unfortunately, the roller blind is not suitable for roof windows (windows that are installed in the roof).

We have a solution for balcony doors: https://clipnshade.de/shop/clipnshade-aussenrollo-fuer-balkontueren/

Does the CLIP'N'SHADE darken my flat?

Depends on you? Both fabrics offer a cooling effect. However, the transparent fabric still lets a lot of light through and you can see out. The opaque fabric is much more tightly woven and darkens your room by up to 90%. 


Can you see outside through the blind or does the CLIP'N'SHADE also serve as a privacy screen?

You have the choice between a transparent fabric and a completely opaque fabric.

How long is the delivery time?

The CLIP'N'SHADE is delivered within approx. 1-5 working days and thus offers you immediate relief for cooling your home.

Can I take my CLIP'N'SHADE with me when I move house?

In principle, the CLIP'N'SHADE can be removed again without any problems within 10 minutes and can thus also be taken along when moving to a new flat. The prerequisite is, of course, that the dimensions of the windows in the new flat are within a similar range.

What do I need to measure the right size?

A metre rule or, even better, a tape measure is best suited for this purpose.

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