Insect screen roller fly screen

Insect screen without drilling!

Discover our simple solutions against insects for clamping: Our fly screen roller blinds and fixed frames are the ideal solution against annoying insects! 

Insect screen roller blind in bathroom

Insect screen roller blind without drilling

The premium insect screen

  • Fits every window
  • No drilling, just hook in
  • Perfect for passing
  • From 140€
Insect screen fixed frame or fly screen in the kitchen

Fixed fly screen frame without drilling

The ideal complement to our external roller blinds against heat!

  • Fits perfectly with our heat protection roller blind
  • No drilling, just hook in
  • From 50€

Comes as a ready-made solution - no cutting necessary.

We manufacture your roller blind to fit in the factory. All you have to do is put four parts together and it can be fitted to the window without drilling.

High-quality and durable components.

All components of our flyscreen roller blinds have been manufactured and tested in accordance with German standards. We only use rust-free aluminum profiles and high-quality insect screens.

Dispatch within 1-3 working days

The production of our fly screen roller blinds only takes approx. 1-3 working days, even in the high season. This means that you can expect to receive your insect screen roller blind within a week at the latest.

Open or closed? You decide!

The biggest advantage of the roller blind over a normal fly screen is, of course, that you can open and close it.


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