Balcony power station 800W with 2.4 kWh Zendure AIO storage system

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850Wp balcony power plant set with 2.4kWh Zendure AIO storage and 800W Hoymiles HMS-800W-2T inverter.

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Balcony power plant set 850 Wp with HMS-800W-2T micro inverter and 2.4 kWh Zendure AIO storage system

This balcony power station set contains:
  • 2 x Ja-Solar 425 Wp photovoltaic module
  • 1 x Hoymiles HMS-800W-2T
  • 1 x cable 5 meters
  • 1 x Zendure All-In-One (AIO) storage system with 2.4 kWh storage system
  • All necessary connection elements


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Discover the benefits of photovoltaics today with one of our pre-assembled balcony power plants. We offer a complete solution that includes all the necessary components: high-performance PV modules and a high-quality micro inverter from the premium brand Hoymiles. With the Zendure storage system, you can make even better use of your self-generated electricity by storing surplus energy and accessing it when you need it. Start now and use solar energy efficiently and sustainably for your own electricity needs!

Your advantages at a glance: 

✔ Simply plug them together and be inspired by the user-friendliness of our innovative 1-2-3 plug system, even without any prior technical knowledge!

✔ Permit-free plant - Experience the freedom! This saves precious time and nerves

✔ Direct purchase from wholesaler in the field of photovoltaics

✔ Rapid replacement in the event of a warranty claim

✔ Weather and UV-resistant cables

✔ Pick up your order conveniently at our pick-up stations

The photovoltaic module is a black frame module with an output of 425 Wp. It has high efficiency and long life thanks to the use of high quality materials and the latest technology. The 11BB cells ensure uniform power generation and maximum utilization of sunlight.

The Hoymiles HMS-800W-2T inverter with built-in WLAN module is a powerful and reliable inverter that converts the energy from the photovoltaic module into usable AC voltage. It has a high efficiency and a long service life and is easy to install and use.


Hoymiles HMS-800W-2T micro inverter with built-in WLAN module  

  • Plug-and-play for balcony solar systems
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module
  • Compatible with the S-Miles Cloud for monitoring and management.
  • Adjustment of the output power.
  • Increased safety thanks to rapid switch-off, conformity and insulated transformer.
Technical data
  • Manufacturer: Hoymiles
  • DC power (maximum input voltage): 16 V - 60 V
  • Inputs per MPPT: 1
  • Switch-on voltage: 22 V
  • European efficiency: 96.70 %
  • MPPT: 2
  • MPPT voltage range: 320 W - 540W
  • Phases: 1
  • Product name: HMS-800W-2T
  • Protection class: Outdoor IP67 (NEMA 6)
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Warranty: 10 years


Photovoltaic module

  • Up to 425 W peak power, 21.3% module efficiency with high-density cell interconnect technology.
  • Multi-busbar technology for more absorption, lower series resistance, improved current dissipation and increased reliability.
  • Lower assembly costs with increased performance and efficiency
  •  Excellent resistance to fire and in difficult environmental conditions
  •  5,400 Pa Scheelast and 4,000 Pa wind load (test loads)
  • High compatibility with available inverters,
    Optimizers and mounting systems
  • Easy handling due to perfect size and low weight.
    Optimized transport costs
  • Flexible installation solutions for system deployment
Technical data
  • Manufacturer: JA-Solar
  • Solar cells: Monocrystalline
  • Cell arrangement: 144 cells
  • Module dimensions: approx. 1722×1134×30 mm
  • Weight: approx. 21.5 kg
  • Glass: 3.2 mm, highly transparent, anti-reflective heat-strengthened glass
  • Encapsulation material: EVA/POE
  • Frame: 30 mm anodized aluminum alloy
  • Junction box: IP 68
  • Cable: Photovoltaic cable: 4.0 mm² Landscape format: 1,100/1,100 mm Portrait format: 280/350 mm*
  • Connector: TS4 / MC4 EVO2*


Zendure All-In-One (AIO) storage system with 2.4 kWh capacity

Technical data:

  • Model: ZDAIO2400
  • Capacity: 2400Wh
  • Battery: LiFePO₄
  • Number of cycles: 4000 cycles (usable capacity ≥ 80%) / 8000 cycles (usable capacity ≥ 70%)
  • Wireless connection: Bluetooth, 2.4G Hz Wi-Fi
  • IP protection class: IP65
  • Warranty: 10 years


PV input 
  • Input DC voltage range: 16-60V
  • Number of MPPTs: 2
  • PV input 1: 16-60V⎓14A, 400W Max
  • PV input 2: 16-60V⎓20A, 800W
  • Max DC rated current MPPT 1: 14A;MPPT 2: 20A


Output to the inverter:
  • Recommended power of the microinverter: 0-1200W
  • Microinverter output power 1: 16-60V⎓30A Max, 1200W Max
  • Microinverter output power 2: 16-60V⎓30A Max, 1200W
  • Max total output power: 1200W


  •  MPPT efficiency: 99 %
  •  Output efficiency: 98 %


Protection types:
  •  Overvoltage protection
  •  Overcurrent protection
  •  Short circuit protection
  •  Temperature protection
  • Protection against overloading
  • Protection against over-discharge
  • Self-heating: Yes, activated at -20°C
  • Charging temperature: 0°C to 55°C
  • Discharge temperature: -20°C to 60°C
  •  Operating temperature: -20 - 45 °C


Dimensions and weight

    • Dimensions (without bracket and top cover): 657 × 427 × 150mm
    • Net weight (without bracket and top cover): ≈31.3kg
    • Net weight (with bracket and top cover): ≈37kg

Additional information

Weight 100 kg



Photovoltaic module data sheet

Assembly instructions balcony power plant general

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