Premium fly screen roller blind without drilling

Our fly screen roller blind offers optimum protection against insects without you having to drill. Easy clamp mounting, custom-fit sizes and quick, tool-free installation in just 10 minutes make it the ideal solution for any window. Made in the EU, durable and UV-resistant. Free shipping!

Max. Clear window height: 165cm

Enter the desired height for the fly screen roller blind in millimeters.
Please measure the stick overlap as described in the picture.
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Experience undisturbed living comfort without annoying insects with our high-quality insect screen roller blind. Our fly screen roller blind has been specially developed to provide effective protection against flies, mosquitoes and other insects. Thanks to the innovative clamping technology, the roller blind can be easily installed in just 10 minutes without drilling or tools, making it the ideal mosquito protection roller blind for tenants and homeowners.


Correct measurement

  • Proceed as described in the picture and first measure the clear width of your window.
  • Now select the next largest order width in the dropdown.
  • Important: Check whether the selected order width fits into your window reveal. The window reveal is the entire width of the masonry opening for the window. See picture.
  • Please measure the order height as shown in the picture and enter it in the field in mm .

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time via It is always best to send us a picture of your window.
Max. Clear window height: 165cm



  • Easy installation without drilling: Our insect screen window can be installed quickly and without additional tools thanks to the practical clamp mounting.
  • Suitable solution: You no longer need to adjust the fly screen roller blind. We only supply insect screen roller blinds that can be fitted directly to the window without further processing.
  • Durable and UV-resistant: Manufactured in the EU from high-quality materials, our roller blind guarantees durability and is also UV-resistant.
  • Free and fast shipping: Enjoy the convenience of our easy online ordering with free delivery within just 3 days.
  • Fly screens without drilling: Perfect for anyone looking for a quick, efficient and damage-free solution to keep their home insect-free.


Product advantages

  • Quick and easy installation: your window is protected in just 10 minutes without the need for drilling or screwing.
  • A perfect fit for your window: thanks to the innovative production process, no sawing or cutting is necessary. It fits perfectly and is ready for immediate use.
  • High quality: Benefit from a product that is manufactured in the EU and undergoes strict quality controls.
  • Environmentally friendly: Protect your family from mosquitoes and other insects in an environmentally friendly way, without the use of chemical repellents.

Enjoy fresh air and peaceful nights without annoying insects. Our insect screen roller blind is the ideal solution for every household. Order now and benefit from our fast, free delivery.

As this is a custom-made product, it cannot be exchanged.

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